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What are the requirement to buy a property from Auction?

  1. You could get the full address from us and having a look there. But you may just looking around there from outside. Those properties under Auction may still have people staying or in use.
  2. You may walk-in to the building office to ask about “outstanding fees and also is it Bumi-Lot or Non-Bumi Lot”. It is also may ask about about the outstanding fees will cover with the Auction Price or not.

    We suggest those are interested bidder go to ask by self.

  3. After you have a look and want to bid, you may go to your current bank and ask about you want to buy a property from Auction and the amount of Auction Price with loan.
    Because if you won the bid, but your loan cannot approve in the period given, your deposit given will forfeit.

    If there is no problem with loan you may give us your details information by SMS,Full Name shown on IC/ID :
    IC / ID No. :
    Current Living Address :
    The Property Address (that you Want to buy) :

We will Register for you and get the document, Registration is Free.

  1. Marketing Representative will call to to make appointment face to face let you know about how the procedure, and you may try to ask.
    After the appointment with our Marketing Representative you may consider whether to buy or not.
  2. The Deposit of 5% / 10% is buy the bank draft from Bank before the Auction Date, Marketing Representative will let you know. If the property is have many bidder who are the highest price bidder will get the property. Deposit may higher, so you have to ready before the Auction date in case to Top Up.